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Dr. Tan-Gatue with a statue of Zhang Zhongjing, ancient Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture legend.

Ancient Chinese Medicine Books: Shang Han Lun

The Classics Series Continues I had previously written a brief article introducing the Huangdi Neijing last year.  (link)  As one may recall, this book is considered the basis for all theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  However, one may think of the Neijing as a foundation, upon which more expanded theories were built.  Also, the Neijing contains […]

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Li Dong Yuan and the Treatise of the Spleen and Stomach (Pi Wei Lun)

Different Strokes for Different Folks Many of those not familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine have the impression that Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are homogenous.  What this means is that instead of variety of hues making up a painting, it’s just one plain color.  They expect every practitioner to practice the same way, using the same […]

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Dr. Philip Shows Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs on Solar Daybreak

Video cameras have recorded Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue leaving Solar News Hostess Pat Fernandez black and blue. With cupping. Watch and see for yourselves! That’s two TV appearances in two weeks.  Happy New Year!

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on MedTalk

Last January 28, Dr. Stanley Chua and myself were featured on Solar News Channel’s show “MedTalk”.  It was actually already my second time on the show.  Previously though, the show lasted only a half hour.  Now, we had a full hour. Here’s the full telecast courtesy of YouTube (link) It was actually amazing how many […]

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Oh didn't we wish we could do this? Image by "AKARAKINGDOMS"/

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Pediatrics: Qian Yi

“The Biggest Lie in the History of Medicine” “THIS WON’T HURT A BIT!” How many times have we heard our pediatricians say that to us as children?  Even up to now, I sometimes make jokes to patients about what I call the biggest lie in the history of medicine. “KAGAT LANG ITO NG LANGGAM!” (This […]

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Ancient Chinese Medicine Books: Huangdi Neijing

Unlike some other forms of so-called alternative medicine, Chinese Medicine was not born from the experiences of single persons.  Homeopathy is ultimately based on the theories of Samuel Hahnemann; Osteopathy based on the teachings of Andrew Taylor Still; and Chiropractic based on the musings of Daniel David Palmer.  Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, is […]

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