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6th Annual Acupuncture Convention

Courtesy Trisha Sanijon: The Philippine Academy of Acupuncture, Inc. (PAAI) is inviting you to attend its 6th Annual Scientific Convention on November 20, 2014 (Thursday) at the Lung Center Auditorium, Quezon City with the theme “Building Capacities for Good Acupuncture Practice.” The convention will feature updates and guidelines on the certification and accreditation process for […]

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Acupuncture Effects Not Just Psychological

Acupuncture Effects – just in your mind? One of the knocks against acupuncture is that it’s effect is merely “psychological”.  The patient thinks he or she will get benefits from it, and therefore gets some form of the placebo effect and receives some therapeutic benefit.  Previous blog entries of mine have enumerated various scientific journal […]

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Acupuncture for Heart Attack Patients

Heart Attack! Even in ancient times, the idea of heart attacks was not unknown in China. While the old timers obviously did not yet know the specifics about how myocardial infarcts or heart attacks came about, their recorded testimonies and terminologies showed that the famous doctors of the past learned a lot about it from […]

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