SMIC Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Institute Featured on IBC 13

Please watch this video about the SMIC Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It was broadcast on Chinatown TV on IBC 13.

Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue, Sister Liu Shengrong and Sister Juan Liu talk about the school and about acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  In this video, you can get a brief glimpse of what Chinese medicine and acupuncture is like and how it can help you.

SMIC Institute of Traditional Chinese medicine offers comprehensive courses about Acupuncture, TCM, Herbology and others.  It is located at 17 Panay Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines, and contact numbers are 3740000 and email address is

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue MD, CAc, CMA,is one of the leading experts in Traditional Medicine and Chinese Medicine in the Philippines. Currently, he is a Clinical Associate Professor in the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and is Director of Acupuncture Services at The Medical City.
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