Real Acupuncture versus Sham – Again

The Skeptics’ Claim We will always hear skeptics harp on and on how there is supposedly no evidence for acupuncture’s effectivity.  When we give them evidence, they’ll always find a way to undermine that evidence.  The most common method I’ve seen would be for hard headed denialist to cite meta analyses to show that acupuncture on real points is seemingly no better than needling just anywhere.  Utterly ignoring the fact that Chinese medicine theory provides for the fact that

Biased Journalism About Acupuncture Again

A Ridiculous Headline A recent study, which I myself blogged about (Acupuncture in Complementary Cancer Care: Easing Joint Pain From Breast Cancer Treatment, 25 November 2013, link) is making it’s rounds in the mainstream media news.  The study basically says that both real and sham acupuncture has noticeable effects.  Some news outlets reported the study objectively. “Acupuncture, Real or Not, Eases Side Effects of Cancer Drugs” (New York Times) However, my eyes roll when I

Acupuncture and Cancer-Related Fatigue – A Brief Commentary

Original Article from: In a previous post ( I quoted a article talking about acupuncture use for chronic pain.  Now the same prestigious Sloan-Kettering institute talks about acupuncture for symptoms related to cancer. In my practice, I occasionally encounter the cancer patient who wants to ignore the “evil” chemotherapy and radiotherap