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What they say about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Football player benefitting from Acupuncture

Coming from a knee sports injury two years ago, which caused so much pain and discomfort, playing or getting into any physical activity was almost impossible. For a football player, the frustration of feeling the stabbing pain and kink in the chain when simply kicking a ball hits hard. I've looked into many recovery plans and even strengthening regimens just to regain mobility in my knee. Trying to avoid any invasive treatments - most especially the dreaded surgery, I've tried fascial releases, cold therapy, and many other options to alleviate my pain. Knowing acupuncture to be an effective treatment for a plethora of ailments, which include joint mobility issues and muscle stiffness, I didn't hesitate to take the chance, anything but surgery. To my surprise, with a session not lasting even an hour, the difference was like night and day. Doc Phil with a short discussion with the history of my injury, quickly and accurately identified the points of concern on my knee. On that day itself, I was able to flex my knee and extend without the pain, within a week I was back in a game with no signs from the injury, legit it felt like I didn't have the injury at all. Slowly I am recovering from the lost time I had from not being able to maximize the strength of my leg. It's a daily process and I am definitely going back to check up on my progress with Doc Phil. For someone who loves to still keep playing the sport that I love, Doc Phil's treatment really means a lot. I highly recommend getting an assessment and going for session especially for athletes at heart, this guys does miracles. 10/10 would always go back.

Giuliano Ibaretta

Benjie Abad Santos

Patient Feedback
"When I had my stroke in 2018, my doctor told me I would never walk again. I was totally paralyzed on my right side. Even though I would undergo physical therapy, I did not progress much in three months and I was beginning to lose hope. My fraternity Brother introduced me to Dr. Philip. I began receiving acupuncture on my scalp and on my body. It was slow, but after a month I could move a little, after another month I could stand and grasp things and soon I could move around without assistance. Right now I am even lifting weights again and practicing my basketball. Acupuncture alone did not cure me, but it was a great addition to the physical therapy sessions given by Brod Charvy Parra. Doctor Philip has since become a great friend and a fraternity Brother as well!

Benjie Abad Santos

Another patient testimonial

"Everytime I feel sick or in pain, the first person in my mind is dr. Philip Tan-Gatue. I highly recommended him to my family and friends and they are also very satissfied and happy. I cannot thank him enough for all the treatments he did for me. I recently tried dry needling and had almost 3 bad falls. I felt weak for a week so I sought Dr. Tan-Gatue help and now i am okay. Thank u Doc. I pray for his good health so he can continue to be a blessing to others."

Maricel Gaskell

another patient testimonial

Last week I couldn't walk.  Every step sent intense stabbing pain to my lower back which radiated back to my right thigh.  I was given (a painkiller) and a muscle relaxant to ease the pain but both drugs didn't work.  I went to Dr. Phiilp Friday last week in the hopes of getting just a bit of relief.  When he inserted the needles on my right hand, I was instantly relieved.  He also made me move my trunk, which I easily did.  Dr. Tan-Gatue is truly a miracle worker.

Arnie Trinidad

a patient testimonial

Living outside of the Philippines, I've gone to 2 other acupuncturists and I can't help but compare Dr. Philip's skills and knowledge. I can say that an older practitioner does not mean more experienced and knowledgeable."

Anne Solis

voice testimonial

"He enabled my daughter, Gia, to sing again after having no voice at all, in just 2 sessions"

Susan M.

upperback testimonial

I have this severe back pain that has been bothering me for a year now, just last Tuesday, I visited PGH fmab and bumped into Dr. Philip.  He was really funny and nice.  The acupuncture went well (its not painful really, you won't feel anything) and as of now my back is well, the pain subsided since the treatment.  So I must say it is effective.  I'm looking to visit fmab again.  5 stars!

Maria V.

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