Acupuncture Effects Not Just Psychological

Acupuncture Effects – just in your mind? One of the knocks against acupuncture is that it’s effect is merely “psychological”.  The patient thinks he or she will get benefits from it, and therefore gets some form of the placebo effect and receives some therapeutic benefit.  Previous blog entries of mine have enumerated various scientific journal articles that debunk the myth of acupuncture being only placebo effect (

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Popping The Question The most common questions encountered by any acupuncturist are, in my experience: “Can acupuncture treat (fill in the blank) ?” “How many sessions will I need?” and inevitably, “Does acupuncture hurt?” The Biggest Lie in the History of Medicine People are afraid of sharp objects.  That’s a given.  Sharp objects might gouge your eyes out.  They might mean that a wild animal is tearing through you.  It could also mean a deadly weapon of some sort is going t

Rotating Acupuncture Needles Works Better than Just Sticking Them In

The Deqi Sensation A common myth among patients is that acupuncturists merely stick acupuncture needles into patients, and that’s it.  They seem caught by surprised by the fact that in Chinese acupuncture, there is a need to manipulate the needle to elicit what we call the “deqi” sensation.  Deqi literally means “acquiring qi” or “arrival of qi” and is characterized by a dull, heavy, electric, or distending feeling that can propagate along the meridians or channels. Science h