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Autographed Book From Dr. Andrew Wu

Meeting Dr. Andrew Wu

I was fortunate to be introduced to Dr. Andrew Wu, L.Ac., PhD., in 2007 when he came to the Philippines.  He had given some lectures on scalp acupuncture and I was fortunate to have been a participant.

Dr. Andrew Wu, L.Ac., PhD., Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue, MD, C.Ac. and Dr. Regina Liu, L.Ac.

Incidentally this was at a McDonald’s here in Manila.  Not the most healthy of food joints but it was the only one open at that late hour.

A Gift

Recently he had given me his latest book as a present.

Chinese Medicine and Tai Ji

The cover alone brings back memories.  I had recalled Dr. Wu comparing the curve of the Taijitu, or yin yang symbol, to a sine wave.  Yes, THAT sine wave.

Thanks for the autograph sir!

I’m keeping this book to sell on ebay twenty years from now.  Kidding.

Visit Dr. Andrew Wu at http://www.drandrewwu.com/

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